More Revelations Revealed

Using a simple dowsing tool, recently dismissed by the scientific community as witchcraft, our local member of the Fortean Times editorial team has discovered that our very own Beer Garden is at the centre of a ley line convergence. 
This positively links BG with Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid at Ghiza, Machu Picchu and of course the Great Wall of China.  
It is now also clear that the window boxes, so loved by followers of BGW, are obviously a subconscious desire to recreate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  We are waiting with anticipation to see BGW linked to more of Seven Wonders of the World, and perhaps even be considered as the eighth.  
Most interesting of all is that our Beer Garden is directly “Ley Lined” with the world renowned Scroggins Dry Cleaners in Worksop.

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