Contract Collapse but Entente Cordiale

The collapse of Carillion has thrown doubt on a major contract involving the beer garden. The work, projected to start in October 2018, was estimated at £4.6 million and involved renewing the two screws on the window boxes.  A spokesman explained that the seemingly high cost was a result of subcontractors, apparently there were 278, together with consultant fees, licences, administrative costs and backhanders. It seems that the actual job will be done by member for a free pint of beer.

Such is the growing influence of Beer Garden we can now disclose that on a hotline to President Macron this morning Beer Garden Weekly has negotiated a deal. The French will allow us to display part of the Bayeux tapestry, we are thinking it could fit in nicely behind the window boxes, and in return Beer Garden will not make any derogatory remarks about the continent.

An artists impression of the display below.

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